True love can make you want to do anything for your partner, or show your devotion in the most romantic way possible. For quite a few people, that typically manifests itself as a tattoo. SNL cast member, Pete Davidson, who has officially boo'ed up with Ariana Grande, was clearly in that same state of mind, as he's received not one, but two tattoos dedicated to his new girlfriend.

Done by tattoo artist, London Reese, Davidson got a bunny-eared mask tattooed behind his ear. The mask is a direct call back to the mask that Ariana wore on the cover of her Dangerous Woman album, and has become an unofficial logo of sorts for her. The tatoo is discreet and vague enough that even if they broke up it wouldn't be so bad. 

However, Davidson wasn't finished. He also got Ariana's initials tattooed on his right thumb, which will be a little harder to hide if the worst should happen. That being said, it's still a relatively small tattoo, and it doesn't even come close to the level of weirdness of some tattoos that famous people have gotten.

For the moment, it's a sweet gesture that may have some unintended consequences later. Of course, once you're actually in love there's no limit to the things you might do. At least Davidson's ex, Cazzie David, isn't too concerned with his new relationship. She posted a picture on Instagram yesterday with the caption, "Been in Africa, what’d I miss ??" Too bad the same can't be said for Mac Miller.