These days, you don't hear much about Paul Wall. He's still touring and releasing music, even dropping a project a few days ago. While the height of his popularity was a few years ago, he still manages to get crowds out to watch him perform live. During a recent show on the road, he decided to bring his son with him, marking his first time "comin with squad." The two have to be thanking their lucky stars after what happened because Wall and his 12-year-old son were struck by another car, totalling their van and nearly killing them. He shared the story on Instagram.

"Before we left the house my son and I prayed like we always do," wrote the rapper. "We prayed that God would protect us while we are out, that our travels would be safe, and that our family and home would be protected while we are gone." Nothing could have prepared them for what would happen before the show though, as a truck sped right toward them after running through a stop light. "He had 2 hands on the wheel, and he was buckling down as he was speeding up to hit us. Although there was an empty lane to his left, he sped up and came right in my direction (middle row passenger where he made impact). Both vehicles are completely totaled."

Paul Wall notes that he, his son, and everybody else is alright after the impact. He thanks God for being able to tell the story, noting that the power of his prayers worked this time.