It looks like the Houston Astros are about to get hooked up with some serious bling for winning this year’s World Series, and we’re not talking just rings either. According to Paul Wall & business partner Johnny Dang, every player on the Houston Astros roster are getting hooked up with a custom gold grill, or at least any player who wants one anyways.

On Thursday, TMZ obtained footage of the two business partners talking about hooking the Astros players up, and it sounds like they’re not sparing any expense either. According to Johnny Dang, each grill will be 18 carats, and will have custom engraving on them.

“They’re gonna be solid gold and we’re gonna have custom engraving.” Wall said in the clip before Johnny chimed in added “Custom grills any idea they want we can make it happen. Its a big celebration we can do whatever they like.”

“We want to hook up to show our appreciation just as fans and you know to celebrate really, just congratulate them,” Paul Wall says before adding that he’s willing to hook up Kate Upton (Justin Verlander’s soon-to-be wife) & Carlos Correa's fiancee, who he asked to marry him just minutes after winning the game Wednesday night.

Paul Wall says the players might have to break out their wallets if they want a full mouth of diamonds, but aside from that, everything else is fair game he says.

The idea of the gold grills apparently started a few weeks ago when Paul Wall ran into a few Astros players out at a restaurant in Houston and told them if they win the World Series he’d hook them up with free grillz, which they were all pumped for he says.

Since word got out of the grills being given out, Astros third baseman Alex Bregman already hopped on his Snapchat and can be seen screaming in excitement at Paul Wall for the grills. “Hey Paul Wall, we need them grills baby. World Series grills,” he says in the clip.

Check out the footage from it all (below).