PartyNextDoor released P3 at the end of last week, with the album stream quickly toppling over 70,000 views on our site alone. We don't yet know what kind of damage it'll do on the charts, but the hype surrounding the OVO-signed singer is definitely coming to a head. With the album doing it's thing, Rolling Stone caught up with PND for a quick interview on the ups and downs (more downs, it sounds like) of his past year. This includes everything from a short-lived relationship with Kehlani to writing RiRi's biggest ANTI hit.

Check out excerpts from the interview below, or head here to read the full thing.

On the Kehlani debacle:

"I regret how it went down," he says. "Big time I regret how it went down. I look into people's eyes, and I know they think I'm a bad guy. There's a lot of details that people don't know."

"I thought, 'Write a hit, you'll be rich and happy.' Meet one of the most beautiful girls in the world, one of the most talented, and I'll be happy. All of that: I'm not happy."

On choosing to sign with OVO:

"I could go to a label where they don't know how to handle me and they don't care," he reasons. "Or I'll have a mentor who's been through it, who knows exactly what I want to mean to my city and what I want to achieve. They know how to handle your emotions. I'll have freedom and guidance." 

On Rihanna's "Work":

"People think that's a party song. It's a breakup song. It's blues. I went from braggadocious to blues."