It's been quite the year for PartyNextDoor. He's branched off from being part of the OVO sweatshop and establishing himself as a solo artist. He's developed a solid and dedicated fan base over the years from his previous releases. Since then, he's gone onto writing for some major names and hinting at collaborations with some of the most revered artists in the game. A few months back, he dropped off his Seven Days EP which essentially served as something to hold fans over until he drops off his upcoming album. However, it seems that we may have to wait a bit longer for Club Atlantis.

PartyNextDoor hit Twitter to give his fans an update on Club Atlantis. "I'm taking my time with this album," he wrote, "It's straight party & unapologetic." Many have been in anticipation of this album and his update on it is bittersweet. Club Atlantis was speculated to come through this fall after billboards in Toronto popped up with the albums title. In addition to that, every artist on OVO was announced to have a project dropping this fall. It wasn't a lie since PND dropped of Seven Days but it wasn't what many people were expecting. 

However, the fact that he isn't feeling the pressure to drop and is willing to perfect the project is a good sign. With his most recent EP, he told Zane Lowe the whole thing was created and recorded within a week's span. It wasn't terrible but it didn't live up to the same expectations many have with Party's work. 

At this point, it's unlikely that it'll be dropping before 2017, considering there are only a few weeks left in the year. But with the project still in the works and a headlining European tour with Jesse Reyez to kick off in February of 2018, there's a high probability that he'll be dropping Club Atlantis within the first quarter of 2018. Either way, we're stoked to hear the "straight party & unapologetic" album that he's promised us.