Long before 50 Cent had his own video game, there was only one rapping video game character: PaRappa The Rapper. PaRappa was a rapping dog who rapped his way through strange locales such as an onion’s dojo. It was one of the first rhythm-based video games, a genre that has come and gone in popularity after the decline of Guitar Hero and Rock Band, and brief popularity of DJ Hero. Now, PaRappa The Rapper is making a comeback.

The video above is a hilarious re-introduction for PaRappa, although many kids today probably didn’t play the original when it came out in 1997. Thankfully the game has been remastered in 4K (despite all the characters being 2D) and is available now on the Playstation Network so everyone can relive the glory. Now we just want to hear PaRappa on a Metro Boomin’ beat.