Six months after the arrival of Drake's Scorpion album and the viral "In My Feelings" challenge sparked by Instagram comedian Shiggy, Oprah has at long last delivered on her own rendition of the challenge,  sort of.

It was in a new clip that her magazine's Instagram page gave fans a glimpse behind-the-scenes at a shoot for the publication's February issue. Over the speakers plays the Drake smash in question as Oprah flexes her own dance moves while smiling for the camera. 

In the caption below the video is a challenge to Champagne Papi to reconsider a change to the track's lyrics: "#Drake, we think it’s time to remix #InMyFeelings to, 'Op-rah, do you love me? Are you riding?' Check out our stories to go behind the scenes of our February cover shoot!"

While the request would be a reach for anyone else, we wouldn't be too surprised if Drake obliged one of these days. It isn't the first time that Oprah magazine's Instagram has shown love to artists in the hip-hop community either, chiming in on the movements surrounding the Internet's biggest stars. Earlier this year, they gave a nod to Cardi B's Invasion of Privacy debut and even uploaded a clip of Oprah singing along to Lil Duval's infectious "Smile" lyrics.