In the tail end of 2017, a woman by the name of Celina Powell claimed that she was pregnant with Offset's child. The issue was that this wasn't the first time that she's known to fake pregnancies in the past. However, this time she insisted that it wasn't a joke. Reports surfaced saying that Offset and Cardi B don't believe that it's true. Whether it's Offset's child or not is still to be determined but Celina Powell took to Instagram to reveal that she's given birth to a baby girl.

Celina Powell has given birth to her child and it looks like she still adamant that it's Offset's. She shared a picture of her baby holding her finger with the caption, "Karma Kiari 💕 You came early & mommy LOVESSSSS you 😍 03/23/18 best day of my whole life." She then posted another photo on her Instagram story that simply said, "Karma K Cephus."  For those of you unaware, Offset's government name is Kiari Kendrell Cephus. So her child middle name and last name is taken from Offset's.

At the tail end of December, reports surfaced that said Offset believed he was being extorted over the claim and even had his lawyers send her a cease and desist letter. A source close to the situation even claimed the two never even met before. 

Interestingly enough, Offset's daughter, Kalea, celebrates her birthday today.