If you woke up and wondered why "Officer Karen" and "McMuffin" were trending on Twitter, we've got you covered.

The two trends are connected after a female police officer, let's call her Karen for the sake of it (even though her real name is Stacey), pulled up to McDonald's to pick up her order from the fast-food chain. She claims that she placed the order on her phone because, when she wears her police uniform, people just love to buy her meal for her. Well, once she pulled up to the second window to pick up her McMuffin with a hashbrown, she was only handed a coffee. Then, she had to wait. And wait. And wait even longer. How dare they not serve her right away?!


In a video that she recorded following the incident, she bursts into tears recalling the incident, sobbing about how she's so anxious to even wait at the McDonald's drive-thru because of everything that is happening in the world. Really, Karen? Imagine how Black people feel every time they walk outside of their homes. Or, even inside of their homes. Lest we forget, Breonna Taylor was killed while she was sleeping in her bed after police barged in.

At the conclusion of the video, Karen says that she "doesn't know how much more she can take" before urging people to thank an officer when they see one. 

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

She's going through it, y'all. Imagine having to wait for an Egg McMuffin!