According to a new policy rolled out by the New York City Council, most employers will no longer be able to make job applicants take drug tests for marijuana use. 

Drug policy experts, per the New York Times, note that any record of similar laws does not exist, even in states where marijuana use is legalized. In Maine, where recreation use is approved, laws prevent employers from discriminating against applicants who use marijuana, but does not regulate their ability drug test or not. 

This new bill will be applied to both private and public employers in NYC, even companies with headquarters that are somewhere else.

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

"I’m proud that the city has taken action where the federal and the state government have stalled [...] If we want to be a progressive city, we have to really put these things into action,” said Jumaane D. Williams, the city’s public advocate and the bill’s sponsor, adding that it is not yet clear exactly how many employers in the city will be affected.

In addition, the city also passed a bill that will prevent the city from requiring marijuana testing for people on probation. Both bills are awaiting an official signature from Mayor Bill de Blasio.

A spokesperson for the mayor's office says that de Blasio is in full support of the employment bill, which would take effect one year after it is signed into law.