It's been just over four months since the death of Bankroll Fresh. In a shocking new interview, a rapper who goes by No Plug, a childhood friend of Bankroll's, has admitted to his involvement in Bankroll's killing. Speaking to DJ Vlad, No Plug provides a recap of the situation that culminated in Bankroll's death. He doesn't directly name himself as the shooter, though it often seems like that much is implied throughout the video. He does, however, allege that it was Bankroll who shot first, meaning that the retaliation shot that killed the 28-year-old rapper was fired in self-defense. 

No Plug seems to suggest that he's been absolved of all legal consequences from the fatal incident. After learning of Bankroll's death, Plug claims that he went to his lawyer and then to the homicide department to explain what happened. He says that no charges have been raised against him, effectively suggesting that the case has been closed. 

Plug and Bankroll apparently began to go their separate ways around the time that Bankroll's career began to take off. Some tension had been brewing between them due to females whom they had both been with, and according to Plug, their conflict intensified around last Thanksgiving, when Bankroll had come through the Ninth Ward in Atlanta, where Plug stays these days. Plug's crew didn't want him there, and he claims that he took it upon himself to escort Bankroll out of the area. 

On March 4, Plug had been on his way to South Carolina to do promo with one of his rapping affiliates, whom he met up with at Street Execs Studios, where Bankroll recorded all of his music. Bankroll was there when Plug came in, and he immediately confronted him about the drama that had unfolded in the Ninth Ward a few months earlier. A fight broke out between them, and Plug reports that they tumbled onto the stairs and were eventually separated by "C-Note" -- perhaps the "Honorable" all-star producer. 

Plug then decided to leave the studio, but he soon realized that he had lost two of his phones during his staircase tussle with Bankroll. He pulled back up to the studio, only to be greeted by an armed Bankroll Fresh, whom he said was rolling "100 deep" at the time. It's unclear from the interview as to how many people were in Plug's car, but he explains that Bankroll fired the first shot and that shots were fired back as the vehicle was speeding off. He soon got a call confirming that Bankroll had been fatally hit, and that's when he decided to meet with his lawyer and testify to the Atlanta homicide department. When he met with the investigator, Plug says that Bankroll's own manager had already told her the same story that he proceeded to recount, and he claims that his interview only lasted about 10 minutes. 

Below is a transcription of Plug relaying how Bankroll died and how he was able to be absolved from any criminal charges soon afterwards. 

"He came out, playin' with the shit...he fired a shot, and shit happened. We pulled off, he end up dead. That's as simple as shit was. Like he pulled the gun, shot the motherfucker, couple shots got fired back, he got hit, I leave. Next thing you know, folks callin' me sayin' 'Fresh dead,' know what I'm sayin'. I called my lawyer...Gucci Mane's lawyer, gave him $10,000, go down to the homicide, tell Ms. Benton everything, and shit, everything was great. End of story." 

Watch the full interview below.