Those close to Nipsey Hussle have been speaking out after his untimely passing this week, with Lauren London breaking her silence last night. Hussle's sister also spoke about her brother's death, offering her sincere and emotional thoughts. Now, his bodyguard is remembering all of the amazing moments that they shared together during the rapper's career.

As reported by XXL, Nip's bodyguard, J. Roc, has written out a long statement about Hussle's death. He wrote that the two had spoken about being friends until they were old and in an instant, everything changed on Sunday. As you surely know by now, Nipsey Hussle was murdered outside of his Los Angeles shop over what is being reported as a personal dispute with suspect Eric Holder. In J. Roc's post, he shared several photos of the two working together, writing the following:

"Never in a million years I thought I would be writing some shit like this ... we haven’t made a 100 Million yet ... we was suppose to grow old and I call u big nose shoot jokes on you all day... but instead I’m here in tears writing this I wish I was there I would switch places with you any day the world need you here I’m so confused , lost , hurt I lost a brother , best friend, a mentor all I can here you saying now is If it was me, I would tell you, 'N***a, live your life and grow.'"

At the end of his message, Hussle's bodyguard revealed that he was retiring from the profession, saying that he would no longer be working security. Read the full post below and check out our memorial post to Nipsey here.