Rumours began swirling last year that Nintendo was planning on taking their beloved Super Mario game to the silver screen. However, what was once gossip is now fact, as the company has confirmed they will be releasing a cinematic version of their classic video game.

The film will be a collaboration between Nintendo and Illumination, the California-based studio responsible for producing animated films such as the Despicable Me series, as well as The Secret Life of Pets

There is no news as to when the film will debut in theatres, as it is assumed that the project is in its development stages. This news also comes alongside Nintendo reporting that their profits rose 261 percent recently, which can be attributed to the massive success of the Switch console, which has been dominating the video game markets since its debut. 

In other Nintendo news, the company is also set to release a smartphone adaptation of Mario Kart in March of 2019. This will effectively allow players to take their favourite game outsides the confines of their homes, and indulge in some high-stakes racing wherever they go.