Nike has come under fire as of late due to a recent lawsuit from a former employee by the name of Amer Inam. Inam, who is an India native, was the former senior director in data analytics at the company and is suing for racial discrimination. The former employee alleges that Nike treated him well when he first got to the company in 2016 but things quickly turned sour as he was passed up for a promotion in favor of a less qualified white colleague, according to the Portland Business JournalHe also said that he made $75,000 less than another white colleague who had similar qualifications in terms of experience and education. 

Inam is suing for upwards of $850K, $516K would be coming from compensation while the other $350K is for legal fees. The plaintiff alleges that people of color were treated as if they were "second-class citizens" and that he experiences bouts of depression, anxiety, and PTSD in relation to his treatment.

Natalie Behring/Getty Images

Here hasn't commented directly on the lawsuit, although they did say they are committed to racial diversity.

“We can’t comment on the recently filed complaint, but Nike is committed to creating a culture of empowerment and respect where everyone can succeed and contribute to our success," Nike explained in a statement to Sole Collector.

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