Fans were surprised to hear of the criminal past attached to Nicki Minaj's new beau. Many questioned why the entertainer would associate herself with a convicted felon who is also a registered sex offender. Of course, some issues can be placed in the past but it seems like Kenneth Petty may have a knack for running into legal trouble.

Kenneth Petty, who is awaiting a court date for misdemeanors unrelated to these past crimes, served time for manslaughter between 2006 to 2013. During this sentence, Petty got himself into more trouble after being locked up according to TMZ. He was reprimanded for a few different reasons, including a series of violent actions: fighting, making terroristic threats, and "disobeying a direct order."

He was placed in solitary confinement for four months in 2009 as punishment for nine different violations. His access to certain privileges was also revoked. Petty could no longer use the inmate telephone service, recreational activity, and the prison canteen.

The source of his attracting legal repercussion will hopefully subside for his own sake, as well as that of his high-profile relationship with Nicki. There are talks of marriage already, which means the couple would also be starting a family, according to the rapper's values.