The last week has brought the dramatic nature of Nicki Minaj's new relationship to the light. The rapper is currently dating a registered sex offender who has also spent time in prison for killing somebody. Her fans have had reason to express their worry and they've done so, flooding her inbox on the daily. Nicki appears to be in good spirits though, enjoying time with Kenneth Petty and flaunting their love on social media. Despite his problematic past, Minaj reportedly wants to settle down with her new man and the feeling seems to be mutual.

The majority of Nicki Minaj's last few posts on Instagram have been devoted to her boyfriend. It has been reported that she's already discussing marriage and children with Petty and from the looks of her newest post, he's down. "He want me to be his wife," wrote the artist on a photo of the two. Do you think they'll rush into marriage in the next few months?

The other day, the New York rapper shared a video of herself grinding on her man as her friends joined in on the action. She definitely looks to be enjoying time with her boyfriend but do you think they're moving too fast?