Yesterday, Nicki Minaj unveiled her cover for Paper Magazine's "Break The Internet" issue, which has not occurred since Kim Kardashian mooned the world back in 2014. And while Nicki Minaj isn't baring all like Kim did, her cover is equally provocative, if not more so. Titled "Minaj à Trois," the Ellen von Unwerth shot finds three versions of Nicki Minaj posing together in sexually suggestive poses. And while Nicki Minaj's loyal legion of Barbz will inevitably support everything she does without question, even Minaj doubters found themselves checking out the cover. For reasons of curiosity, of course. And for everyone who has taken on a sudden interest in Nicki Minaj's...upcoming'll be pleased to know that Paper Magazine will be dropping the cover in its entirety later today, which apparently feature even more "internet breaking" shots.

So, without further ado, here are some of the funniest, awe-struck, and generally bizarre reactions, including some from our own batch of recently indoctrinated Barbz.