Nicki Minaj's new man, Kenneth Petty, has been making the rounds online ever since their relationship went public. The rapper is sticking by his side, despite the surfacing of his criminal past which includes a case of rape as well as the prison time he served for killing a man. Although these situations are issues of the past, Petty is said to be facing new legal troubles, according to Page Six.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

The man was driving around in Nassau County when he was stopped by police on November 11 for running through a stop sign. His vehicle happened to be unlicensed and the 40-year-old was driving without a license as well, leading to his arrest. 

He is now facing a misdemeanor charge for driving the unlicensed car on top of the infractions of failing to adhere to the stop sign and driving without a valid license. Kenneth is set to Nassau County court on January 8.

This court date might seem trivial in comparison to his past criminal charges. Petty spent 7 years in prison for shooting and killing a man in Queens, New York, in 2002. He is also listed as a sex offender after the 1995 rape case. Still, Nicki Minaj insists on defending her new relationship and flaunting their romantic connection.