With the power of social media, Nicki Minaj could drag anybody she wants. The rap superstar started the hashtag #UgonLearnTewday on Tuesday and it went viral in an instant. It isn't clear who she's aiming her claws at but the opening salvo asked, "Who u thought was gon pay ya rent?"

Whether or not The Pinkprint rapper meant she's releasing a track soon, the tweet compelled her followers to jump on the hashtag to hilarious effect. Some users seem to think their Queen is aiming at Meek Mill on Valentine's Day because they weren't so tender on him.

Still, at the time of this post, the mystery remained as to whom Nicki was dragging through Twitter. The rapper was so amused by the hashtag spreading like wildfire that she added another one: #GuessWutDummy. 

Minaj is having major success at the moment. Her new single "Bom Bidi Bom" with Nick Jonas on the Fifty Shades Darker soundtrack is getting some buzz. And she just passed Taylor Swift as the female artist with the second most entries ever -- after Aretha Franklin -- on the Billboard Hot 100 charts.