Nicki Minaj recent dropped her provocative "Break The Internet" photo-shoot, which has subsequently caused young men worldwide to start dressing like Nas. Yet behind all the sexual spectacle, Nicki Minaj remains one of the game's dominant artists, and has proven her longevity since dropping Playtime Is Over back in 2007. And while many fans have been hoping for a new album, Nicki has largely played coy about her upcoming project; she barely addresses it in her Paper Magazine cover story, opting for the vague response of "I really don't have much to say about the album other than it's great and I'm excited about it."

And while that doesn't exactly tell us much, Nicki does reveal a few interesting tidbits about what might have been. When asked about whether or not she was ever interested in doing a "female equivalent to Watch The Throne," Minaj acknowledges that many fans have been clamoring for a Beyonce collaboration album. While that doesn't seem like anything other than wishful thinking, Nicki does reveal that she was planning on doing a collaborative album with Future, stating:

"I even at one point was about to do a mixtape with Future recently, [but] with me working on my album and with him doing other projects -- and he thought we should be in the same place at one point to really vibe -- it was hard, 'cause he was on tour and I was in the studio [and the timing didn't work]. So even when you like an artist and you respect their work, it's very hard to make those types of ideas come to fruition, but when they do come together like the Jay and Kanye [project], then it's magic for sure."

It's interesting to see that Future encouraged a more intimate studio vibe; for all ya'll saying his recent collaborative projects were "rushed," it goes to show that he places a high value on spontaneity and artistic chemistry. As for Nicki, her album remains in "coming soon" limbo, though when it does drop, it will surely be the talk of the town. You can read the entirety of her Paper Magazine cover story right here