Nicki Minaj was one of the many surprising collaborators on Chance The Rapper's official debut studio album, The Big Day. The project arrived on Friday after a short delay but it's received a relatively solid response from his fans. With each project Chance has dropped post-Acid Rap, he's shown a serious amount of growth and maturity. He's no longer the rapper indulging on psychedelics. He's a family man now with kids, wife and a newfound belief in God. He recently sat down with Nicki Minaj on Queen Radio where they discussed religion and Kanye West.

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Nicki Minaj recounted a recent conversation she had with Kanye West who admitted to her that he's now a born-again Christian. It isn't all that shocking considering how he promoted The Life Of Pablo as a gospel album. His "Sunday Service" event has also offered gospel and religious takes of some of his previous singles. Nicki explained that people perceive individuals in the music industry, specifically artists, as if they don't believe in God or have any sort of spirituality but that couldn't be further from the truth.

"Sometimes in the music business, we think that other artists don’t believe in God or aren’t spiritual as we are and stuff like that. So we automatically go to the normal, ‘Oh, what up?’" She said. "Then when you find people, because I just was with Kanye, and he told me he’s a born-again Christian now. Like my first instinct was, ‘I’m so proud of you,’ because I could see there’s a peace that he has now that just surpasses everything.”

Peep her chat with Chance below.