In the past month, DC police report more than two dozen teen girls have gone missing. Claiming a lack of news coverage, several artists including Nicki Minaj, Meek Mill, T.I. and model Eva Marcille have taken matters in their own hands.

Artists are raising awareness online about the missing girls. While Nicki shared a video with photos of the missing on her IG, Meek Mill has been even more vocal, asking how Tom Brady's missing Super Bowl jersey could get more attention than living people.

Most of the teenagers are aged 11 to 17 and are either black or Latino. After sharing news that a dozen missing girls were still missing Thursday, the Philly rapper went on a rant.

"And I haven't seen nothing but trump on major news stations... I thought this was fake because i only seen it on social media!!!! Americas media is getting out of hand with the disrespect to the lack of coverage of our people and it's becoming too blatant!! "WASNT YALL JUST SEARCHING FOR TOM BRADYS JERSEY" ???????"

A rumor went viral that 14 girls had gone missing in 24 hours. DC police later denied the report. According to NBC News, authorities say there has been no uptick in the case of missing girls. They have simply started sharing missing cases online which raised awareness nationwide.

So far, 22 juvenile cases remained open, according to the department's website. Police only had the photos of 13 youths, who are considered "critical missing persons." Of the 501 missing juveniles cases in 2017, only a handful have been solved.