Nicki Minaj has made her formal re-entry into the world with the release of "Chun-Li" and "Barbie Tingz." There's no doubt that fans are stoked on her return. Many of them are sitting at the edge of their seats for a new music video from Nicki Minaj including one fan who seems to be sick of the fact that she's on the 'Gram a whole lot including a snippet of a recent interview from Gabrielle Union. "Girl stop posting shit and release the video," the user said. "WE NEED A TOP5 and u posting gabby." It didn't take much time for Nicki to get the message and then set the record straight.

Nicki shared a lengthy response to a fan who wanted to criticize her for the lack of content, even though it's only been two weeks since she released her two singles.

"Fans can't even enjoy the music anymore. Smh. We don't live in the moment. We're always too busy worrying about the next one. I don't NEED anything." She wrote. "Relax babe. Queens don't panic." 

Nicki explained further that she doesn't even have the final cuts for her video yet and the second she gets it, the fans will. 

"You'll get the videos as soon as EYE get the videos. But telling me who, what & when to post gets to blickity blocked... I know you mean well tho, so i'll let it slide today." She said. "Just breathe. Relax. You guys have done more than enough. Your support is unmatched."

Nicki Minaj has made love for her fanbase, but she's always been much more meticulous in recent times with what and when she drops content. Either way, we're definitely eager to see what she has up her sleeves. 

Peep the screenshots below.