Even though she may look happy sitting there next to Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant, Nicki Minaj is apparently angry with ESPN for their latest magazine cover. Nicki has called out the sports publication for retouching her photo.

According to Nicki, the cover of ESPN's new music issue with Kobe Bryant was altered. On Thursday, the female hip-hop star posted the image on her Instagram, writing, “When retouching goes wrong.” To try and prove her case, Nicki followed up by providing some real behind the scenes photos of her cover shoot. Those pics can be seen in gallery above.

“I love my personal unretouched photos where my forehead doesn’t mysteriously grow in length,” said Nicki.

However, things aren't really all that bad, as she still looks gorgeous and had the opportunity to work with Kobe Bryant for a day. Nicki added, “So honored to be a part of this with Kobe. Had a blast.”

The issue hits newsstands today (Friday), and also features cover stars Eminem and Kendrick Lamar (see gallery).