Coming off the release of his well-received “96 Bulls” release, rising South Carolina rapper Nick Grant decided to make his way by the Power106 LA radio station this week and stop by the LA Leakers for another round of bars. Back in May of last year, Nick introduced himself to the West Coast with his first LA Leakers freestyle, and now here goes round 2.

Tackling Erykah Badu’s “Love Of My Life” instrumental for over 4-minutes straight, Nick raps “they watered down, I pull the flowers out the vase / You either frownin’ at life or smilin’ at your wake,” he spits. “This is paradise / I live a weird life / I want my style, ’cause they don’t wear it right.”

Nick later focuses his bars on where his career is at and trying to stack that paper. “Okay, time to get this money, boy, I got to get paid / I respect all you ni**as, but I’m in line with the greats / I copped the drop, sittin’ crooked, like Denzel with the fade / And took the shoes off that sh*t like Fantasia on stage / Yeah, back in this b*tch, with my car keys, ni**a / It’s the trill O.G., but aint no part three, ni**a / You know the boys on the corner, like the chopped cheese, ni**a.”

This freestyles comes just weeks after Nick made his debut on Tim Westwood across the pond for his freestyle series.

Check out his second LA Leakers freestyle (below) and let us know what you think. Is Nick one of the nicest young emcees on the mic today?