Despite often being the butt of everyone’s jokes, Nick Cannon has kept a remarkably positive public face throughout a divorce, battles with Lupus and the regular humiliation. However, his employer NBC may have done the impossible and pushed the actor and rapper to the breaking point; he’s apparently quit his job as the host of America’s Got Talent as a result.

Cannon has apparently quit his (lucrative) job as the host of the NBC show America’s Got Talent via a lengthy post on Facebook. According to Cannon, he has come to a breaking point with the television network after he was publicly reprimanded and internally threatened with termination because of jokes he made disparaging NBC during his Showtime stand-up special, Stand Up, Don’t Shoot.

He didn’t specify the jokes in question, but the special features multiple bits referencing his image on NBC and comparing it to his “real n*gga” upbringing, also saying, “I honestly believe once I started doing America’s Got Talent, they took my real n*gga card.” His post also speaks on broader issues of representation and power within the media industry, specifically the lack of minority voices in power.

Nick Cannon says he wishes NBC and America’s Got Talent the best, but “can not see [himself] returning.” He had hosted for the previous 8 seasons. NBC has not responded to any requests for comment. You can read the whole post (which we recommend doing) below.