As we reported today, Coronavirus cases have surpassed 2 million around the globe, with the United States home to the most cases yet, with more than 600,000. Of all the States, New York has been the hardest hit, resulting a tug-of-war with Governor Andrew Cuomo and President Donald Trump, complete with name-calling and the blame game. 

New York's tally is about to hit 200,000 cases, and with this, Governor Cuomo has just announced a new executive order to mandate that all NY residents wear a mask if they are out in public. This follows an about-face from the CDC's previous guidelines, when they did not necessarily advocate for the importance of wearing a mask-- they've since changed their tune.

Governor Cuomo announced the new measure to combat COVID-19 on twitter this afternoon. He said, "I am issuing an Executive Order today that all people MUST wear a mask or face covering in public in situations where social distancing is not possible."

We'll keep you posted on this new development.