Travis Scott recently became a baby daddy, to one of the most famous females in the world no less, we're referring to Kylie Jenner, obviously. The two welcomed a baby girl this past weekend, following a highly secretive, albeit rumor-heavy, pregnancy.

Things are starting to settle down, at least when it comes to the media fodder, although IRL it's probably quite the opposite as they now have a new human to take care of 24 hours of the day. Although Kylie Jenner issued a statement about her birth and the privacy surrounding it, Travis has given a much more simple response ("2.1.18 4 ever New rager in town. !!!").

Amid the frenzy of a newborn, it seems someone took it upon themselves to leak a previously unheard, but dope, Travis record. The song is actually a more mellow and reflective offering than what we're used to hearing from Travis, as he goes in over a sped-up vocal sample. He questions himself, signing on the hook, "Gave myself too many chances, gave myself too many changes / Alcohol and all these dancers." Are the drugs getting tiresome, perhaps?

The leak comes via HypeBeast. You can head to HypeBeast or else HighSnobiety for a listen before it gets wiped clean of these e-streets. Report back to us in the comment section below with your thoughts on the song. Would you like to see a proper release for it?