On December fourteenth, just in time for Christmas, Netflix is releasing its newest true-crime docu-drama. The new show, which looks like it follows in the footsteps of Netlix's bread-and-butter Making A Murderer in pretty much every way except for the geographical details, is called The Innocent Man and is based on John Grisham's true-crime book, The Innocent Man: Murder and Injustice in a Small Town (there was another book written about the subject in 1987 called The Dreams of Ada by Robert Mayer). 

The show focuses on two men who were wrongly convicted of murder way back in the 80s in the town of Ada, Oklahoma. Ron Williamson and Dennis Fritz are cast in the trailer as regular guys who get sucked into the drama of a murder case that needs to be solved and taken advantage of by the police. The trailer largely focuses on the confessions of the two men which, according to a guy in the trailer, "were completely coerced." The wrongful sentences land the Williamson and Fritz on death row, with one of them coming within only "five days" of being executed. Watch the trailer below and judge for yourself if this is just another Making A Murderer or something new: