It's the best time of the year. Halloween is right around the corner, which means that horrifying new movies and shows will be popping up everywhere. Netflix already has a catalog of great horror content, but the streaming giant released a trailer for Apostle that makes everything else on their site seem dull. Starring Dan Stevens, who you may recognize from Marvel's hit series Legion, Apostle follows one man's quest to save his sister.

Stevens plays Thomas Richardson, who arrives on a random island that has been dubbed a "paradise" by a spiritual leader and his followers. That already sounds like a horrible vacation. Richardson attempts to locate his sister, but things get nasty when religion meets insanity. There are several scenes in the trailer that are reminiscent of Saw, and it appears torture and gore will be at the center of this spooky plot.  Stevens also has a scene where it appears he's destroying villains with a staff, hinting at action-packed sequences as well. Apostle is directed by Gareth Evans, who most recently brought the world The Raid and The Raid 2

Check out the trailer below, and catch Apostle when it touches down on Netflix October 12.