Having just announced the cancellation of MTV's Total Request Live and Key and Peele's plans to bring an animated movie to Netflix, it's clear that new and exciting television content is inching away from cable tv. Netflix previously revealed plans to introduce 700 movies and series to their platform this year alone and more news on its upcoming content has been revealed. 

A source who has collaborated with Netflix tells Market Watch that the streaming giant is planning on pursuing weekly TV news. "Netflix have spotted a hole in the market for a current affairs TV show encompassing both sides of the political divide and are seeking to fill it."

The source adds that Netflix is aware of potential risks that surround this new venture, as viewers may sometimes steer clear of such programs with fears of biased reports and one sided-broadcasts. 

"Netflix are proceeding with caution over this because they’re well aware that most new current affairs shows underwhelm and are expensive. They want to make their show economically viable without compromising the production costs and news-gathering operation."

Netflix recently announced that The Daily Show's correspondent Hasan Minha is set to host a weekly talk show that will explore the modern culture and the political landscape. Hasan will be the first Indian-American to host a comedy show and the success of the 32 episodes ordered will determine how many more will come.