Senate Democrats are expected to force a vote on Wednesday that will effectively try and restore the FCC's net neutrality rules, as all 49 members in the caucaus approve of the resolution. 

However, if the vote garners enough support, it may face some trouble in the House, as well as garnering a signature from President Donald Trump. 

The current Commander in Chief has been a staunch supporter of the FCC's plight to roll back on many of the rules related to net neutrality, which include prohibiting an Internet provider from blocking or stifling content, as well as selling "fast lanes" of traffic in order to accelerate access to consumers. 

Democrats believe this may be a successful issue to be brought forth in the midterm elections, especially with younger voters. Polls have revealed that the general public favours these rules, with a handful of Republicans in Congress proposing that some of these net neutrality regulations be put into law for the common good.