News broke a few weeks ago that Nelly was accused of raping a college girl on his tour bus. The saga that followed it was typical for any celebrity who gets accused of such a heinous act. He spoke out after the allegations surfaced and continued to maintain his innocence. He even had celebrity friends who attested to his innocence as well. Last week, reports came out that said his accuser wanted the investigation dropped. She refused to testify against the rapper in court, as well. However, that doesn't seem to be enough for the police to put a halt to the investigation.

Police are continuing their investigation on Nelly despite the fact that the alleged victim wanted the case to drop, TMZ reports. Their law enforcement sources in Washington State are saying that the Auburn PD are continuing their investigation and planning to gather all the evidence needed to bring the case to the prosecutor's office. They also report that the police in Auburn are looking to bring the case to the prosecutor within the next week. The fact that the alleged victim isn't looking to testify against Nelly doesn't make it impossible for him to be prosecuted but it does make the case more difficult to follow through with.

Nelly's attorney has continued to maintain his client's innocence and said that he has confidence that the case will be closed upon full review of the evidence presented in court. He continued to say, "I would expect the police to do their due diligence."

The way this case has been evolving over the past few weeks have been relatively strange. On Friday, the accuser's attorney told the Auburn P.D. and the King County D.A. that her client didn't want to pursue the case against Nelly. Multiple factors were considered in this decision. Her attorney said her client felt the system failed her due to the fact that she's unable to stand up against someone of Nelly's public stature as well as the fact that the police disclosed that she'd already met with them to the media, which she was promised they wouldn't.