Getting ones face tattooed on your body has to be one the biggest ways to show you really respect someone. The latest example of this is between Nef The Pharaoh and E-40. The "Drop Addy" rapper got E-40's face put on the back of his leg, so he can remember the Bay Area hero forever. 

Nef shared a photo of his new ink to Instagram with a caption that details just why he decided to do it, saying "I didn’t wanna wait till my OG was dead & gone to show him I appreciate everything he’s done 4 me & mines 💪🏾. [You've] opened doors and allowed me to bring my day ones right threw them muthafuckas ✅ & w/ that bein said...I’m @sickwiditrecords till I’m 6 feet under, love you @e40 🙏🏾 (s/o @youngblood_wst for the new leg tat, we still ain’t finished tho)."

Nef is one of the rising artists under E-40's record label Sick Wid' It. Although Nef thanks E-40 for the support in building his budding career, Nef has for sure played a role in keeping E-40 on the map in terms of releasing some sick music and repping the label's name. Nef's last notable drop was The Chang Project that received an 81% user rater on HNHH. The 15-track album fronts features from Ty Dolla $ign, Larry June, Rydah J. Kyle, SOBxRBE, & OMB Peezy and more.

In an interview that Nef did earlier this year, he detailed why he signed with Sick Wid' It, where he said it gave him his "own corner."

"I got bites from all sorts of labels. I shouldn’t name them, but it was some big labels," he explained. "We were going to LA and New York. But you know Sick Wid’ It best fit my situation. You know this game is like the drug game: the big labels is someone you go to for a front. They front you something, you do what you do with it, then you end up owing ’em. The Sick Wid’ It deal gave me my own corner and my own lane to do what I wanted to do to get myself seen, you know?