Yesterday evening, it was reported that NBA YoungBoy and his girlfriend were nabbed by the cops for several reasons. The two were in Atlanta when they caught three misdemeanor charges for marijuana possession, use of "fighting words" and physical obstruction. This isn't the first time that YoungBoy has gotten in trouble with the police. In his young career, he's been one of the most controversial rappers because of his violent past and his run-ins with the law. Their new mugshots were released to the public and once they made their way onto social media, people had some fun at their expense.

Erika Goldring/Getty Images

In the photos, YoungBoy Never Broke Again looks disappointed in himself, frowning and looking straight into the camera. Fans weren't necessarily making fun of him. His girlfriend's mugshot on the other hand... She has on a devious smile, almost as if she's proud of what went down. She angles her head downwards and almost sneers at the camera when the shot is taken. One fan commented, "they look like before and after crackhead mugshots." 

After the arrest of 21 Savage, we can all learn from moments like these. These are people's lives and it shouldn't be the norm to laugh at somebody's mugshot. We made Wide Neck famous for that very reason. It can work in the benefit of some and for others, it can completely tear apart their perception of themselves.