Youngboy Never Broke Again, unfortunately, has some more legal issues to deal with. According to TMZ, NBA Youngboy was hit with three misdemeanor charges after he was arrested in Atlanta.

Youngboy Never Broke Again is currently behind bars in Atlanta and is set to appear in front of a judge on Tuesday. The rapper was arrested on charges of possession of less than an ounce of weed, use of fighting words, and physical obstruction with another. All three counts are misdemeanor charges. Youngboy Never Broke Again is currently being held at Atlanta City Detention Center. Unfortunately, a bond hasn't been set for the rapper yet.

Details surrounding his arrest are scarce right now. Any possible video evidence of the incident has yet to surface but an eyewitness claims that he was arrested alongside a woman.

The three misdemeanor charges add to the list of other charges against him. The rapper was indicted last year for the beating of his then-girlfriend. A grand jury charged him with aggravated assault and kidnapping. Video footage emerged on Youngboy Never Broke Again and his girlfriend in the hallway of a hotel where he appears to body slam her. The rapper was then seen dragging her into a hotel room which is where the kidnapping charge stemmed from. 

His girlfriend attempted to claim that they were just joking around in order to prevent the rapper from being hit with charges but the Grand Jury didn't believe what she had to say.