According to TMZ, the viral sensation more commonly known as "Wide Neck" is back behind bars after a short bout of "freedom." The rapper/social media performer goes by the legal name of Charles Dion McDowell; that's precisely the manner in which the Judge summoned his name for any one of his outstanding arrests in recent months: eluding arrest, possession of cocaine, meth and marijuana, just to name a few.

Of interest in this situation is that Charles Dion McDowell essentially came to fame after his now-famous mugshot began making the rounds. Coincidentally, a "Long Neck" variant to the meme was picking up steam at about the same time, so naturally, both men decided to combine their efforts, culminating in two very popular music videos uploaded to the WorldStar YouTube channel: "Neckst Up" and "Neckst Big Thing." 

McDowell's second arrest following the now-infamous mugshot, occurred in Lee County, Alabama, after trying to outrun a patrol car in hot pursuit. "Wide Neck" was incidentally booked on charges of reckless driving, driving with a revoked license, improper lane usage and a 2nd-degree possession of marijuana charge, before landing behind bars for a second time in recent months. TMZ contacted one of McDowell's reps, who commented, "you have his word that’ll he’ll never go back to jail again," when asked to elaborate on the situation at hand. Needless to say, no one close to the case seems at-all willing to explain the Judge's decision to revoke "Wide Neck's" bond this morning.