Despite his the success of his businesses like Mass Appeal, Nas still has some blind spots financially. According to a report from The Jasmine Brand, Nas has been hit with a tax lien from the state of Georgia, claiming that he owes over $145,000 in unpaid taxes. According to the legal documents filed in Georgia, these unpaid taxes date back to 2008.

The original debt was only $58,000, but eight years of interest, penalties and fees have brought the bill up by almost triple. Of course, this isn’t Nasir Jones’ first issue with the IRS. Last year, Nas was reportedly received a tax lien to the tune of over $276,000 for failing to pay taxes in 2006. That lien has not been paid back yet, so the Queensbridge rapper owes over $422,000 to the state of Georgia in total.

If you recall, Nas once has his tour paychecks garnished to repay a $1,000,000 debt to (you guessed it) the state of Georgia. Hopefully Nas can get things straightened out with the IRS this year, as we want him focusing on music, not paying back taxes.