Nasir Jones, the executive producer of The Get Down and the rap legend known as Nas, blessed hip-hop with a new song called "Angel Dust" yesterday. Taken from the soundtrack of the new season of his Netflix show, the song is the next best thing to an official single from Nas, or something off his long-awaited 12th album. Today, Nas has confirmed that the album -- the follow-up to 2012's Life Is Good -- will arrive some time later this year. 

Nas was pressed on the elusive album in a new interview with Billboard. When asked if fans can "expect this album before the year is over," the 43-year-old Queensbridge rapper replied, "For sure."

That's not say he's totally finished recording the album. Despite the title of the DJ Khaled single he guested on last year -- "Nas Album Done," he told Billboard, "It's not done till it hits the streets." 

"Not yet, not till release," Nas said upon being asked if he had any album titles in mind. He also shed little light on his plans for the album's rollout, saying, "We might do a single but we might do something different." 

As you can see, he's still hesitant to share any details on the album, which will be a hugely anticipated release whether or not he decides to heavily promote it. Hopefully we can trust him when he says it's coming out in the next 8 months.