Netflix has announced that they'll be renewing one of their marquee shows, Narcos: Mexico, for a second season, following the Migos-backed success of the first. 

Narcos: Mexico was originally conceived as the fourth season of the show Narcos, which followed the rise of maybe the best-known drug dealers of all time, Pablo Escobar. The immortalization of Escobar and his Medellin cartel in a TV show has some people up in arms about the romanticization of a murderous criminal who tried to cast himself as a Robin Hood figure in his lifetime (even running for office and winning before being forced out). But others, like Migos, are wholehearted in their embrace of "Little Bear."

The Migos-Narcos cross-branding is a match made in heaven. The words "Migos" and "Narcos" sound so similar that even if Migos didn't rap about selling drugs and even have a song called "Narcos," this would be an unmissable collab. Everything about the marriage of the group and the TV show is so easily compatible that one thing out of place is very easy to notice, like the fact that Migos' promo video for the show features a replacement Offset. Just look at the video, the guy looks nothing like him. Let's hope they do better for season two.