Monique came through in good humor on The Cruz Show. She addressed the current tension in the entertainment industry relating to black artists in competition. The comedienne acknowledges that the issue might actually stem from social constructs.

She points to how white entertainers a perceived in comparison to their non-white counterparts in terms of their right to be successful.

"There is so much pie out there that everyone can go out and grab a slice and come back for some more. When it comes to Black talent, when it comes to Mexican, latina, it could only be one [...] When it comes to white talent, it's a mass."

Monique zeros in on comedy as an example in which there are always many White entertainers claiming massive success without being pit against each other flagrantly. She brings up the fact that an opposite mentality causes each Black generation to be able to name only a few greats at a time.

"Well, for us it was Bill Cosby. There was Richard Pryor. We can always name ours because we buy into 'just one'."

This issue translates into the music industry as well.

"I wanna talk to Nicki Minaj and Cardi B [...] What's the top? I love Nicki Minaj And I love Cardi B. They're both musical geniuses."

She specifies that her fellow comedians Katt Williams and Kevin Hart are both equally talented. Monique hopes they can combine their hustles and collaborate together in the future.

"Let's not allow society to fight each other when we're all talented in our own right."