The “alleged” beef between Mobb Deep members has been well documented, from Havoc saying he was not behind the Twitter rant putting, Prodigy on blast, to Hav eventually coming clean and making some strong accusations against P.  Seems the H.N.I.C. rapper still has love for his Mobb Deep counterpart and in a recent interview even “shouts out” Havoc. 

Seems his recent stint in prison has done a lot to enlighten him as Prodigy has chose to take the high-road and would not put Havoc on blast for his inflammatory comments, which included accusing Prod of being a ‘snitch’ and even having intimate relations with other prisoners while incarcerated. 

Prodigy is keeping positive, and does not wish anything bad on his long time partner and in his interview with ThisIs50, says, “I'm getting a lot of work done. It feels good.”  He continues (via HHDX). "I'm independent. I feel I'm in a good place right now. I feel good. I'm just gonna continue doing that. Shout out to Havoc too. Shout out to Hav. That's my dog."

Hitting his limit on hearing people continue to encourage the beef between Mobb Deep, P mentioned how some of those people get what they deserve, and then discusses people who commit horrible acts deserving to get shot. "Some people just need that. Some people deserve to get shot," he said. "Some people deserve to get shot and die. Certain people just deserve the worst shit to happen to them,” Prodigy said.  Then he was asked if Havoc deserved such fate and Prodigy said he did not, "Nah. Hav don't deserve that."

The Mobb Deep rapper was then asked point blank if he had been involved in homosexual activity at anytime, and he was adamant he had not, “Hell fucking no, hell no.”  At the conclusion of the interview Prodigy cleared the air, adding that he is not homophobic, “I ain’t got nothing against gay people, man.”