Drake recently earned himself another former client-turned-opponent, as Toronto rapper Mo-G, whom Drake shouted out on "Summer Sixteen," went after the OVO boss in a series of incendiary Instagram posts that have since been deleted. He hit Drake with accusations of being a culture vulture and a "little Forest Hills creature," among others. 

Just over a week later, Mo-G returned with another shocking (and since-deleted) Instagram post. This one showed a close-up of his face...battered to a pulp. "When you speak from your heart this is what happens," he wrote in the caption of the graphic post

Yesterday (Apr. 3), Mo-G came back with a new music video to the track "Wiggins," a tribute to the Toronto-bred Minnesota Timberwolves small forward. Mo-G's face looks completely unharmed in the video, so it was likely recorded before his violent encounter with the OVO defense squad.

Regardless, he was intent with the timing of its release. Towards the end of the "Wiggins" video, Mo-G begins to lay down several pieces of OVO apparel on the mud beneath him. He then douses the pile of owl-embroidered gear in gasoline and sets it aflame. 

Drake's long-awaited album, Views from the 6, is set to arrive this month, and his people would like that to be the only thing on his mind. Mo-G, member of the Halal Gang, is certainly eager to act as a distraction.

All beef aside, thoughts on the song?