Looks like there’s trouble brewing up North. Toronto rapper Mo-G has been laying into Drake and his manager Oliver El-Khatib on Instagram. He’s accusing Drake’s team of all manner of shady behavior, including offering him only $500 for writing credits and jacking swagger and dance moves. Mo-G has uploaded it all to Instagram as evidence, saying he “ain’t afraid to speak the truth in public.”

Mo-G describes his experiences with OVO in the videos below, and also shares screenshots of some messages exchanged between him and Champagne Papi. In the messages, Drake is only asking for a vocal sample, but Mo-G says that their relationship went further, with Drake’s team asking him to help Drake write new flows and hooks, but only offering $500 in return. Mo-G calls Drake’s manager a “culture vulture,” among other things.

Mo-G and his crew Halal Gang have gotten shout outs from Drake before, including on “Summer Sixteen.” One would think Drake might just let this slide into obscurity, but a few hours ago he posted an Instagram picture with lyrics from another OVO artist, simply stating, “the bright lights are supposed to inspire you not fry your brain.”

Do y'all think Mo-G is making stuff up, or is he exposing the 6 God?