Young Jeezy's appeal is that he has always appeared as a superhuman. On Trap or Die, the 2005 mixtape that transformed him into an instant street legend in Atlanta and beyond, he didn't rap with a chip on his shoulder— he rapped like he had an army of 10,000 warriors at his back. His full-throated delivery and knowing laugh combined with cinematic string arrangements felt like epics on par with the Mahabarata. He was not a cocaine salesman so much as the patron saint of illegal drug trafficking. 

Though Jeezy's first two albums Let's Get It: Thug Motivation 101 and The Inspiration are considered his seminal works, he has crafted a rich catalogue of mixtapes over the years that first earned and later solidified his reputation as the "man on these streets." His most recent album, Trap or Die 3, was a concerted effort to stay true to his hustling roots. "When you learn how to ride a bike, you know how to ride a bike," he told HNHH in his 2016 digital cover story. "When you hit that pot, you know how to hit that pot. It never leaves."

Today is Jeezy's 40th birthday. Let us revisit a handful of songs that appeared on his mixtapes between 2001 and 2011.