Funk Flex earned plenty of backlash for his recent revelations regarding the infamous robbing and shooting of Tupac at NYC's Quad Studios. In issuing an emotional response to his critics, Flex has now inspired some more lighthearted social media reactions, via the #PunkFlexChallenge. 

Earlier this week, during an Instagram Live broadcast, Flex claimed that Pac pulled a "Cheddar Bob" -- shooting himself -- and that he more or less implicated Biggie in the incident for no good reason. T.I.spoke out against Flex's allegations, saying, "I was taught never to speak down on a dead man." Others who called out Flex for his controversial remarks include Ed Lover and Suge Knight's son. 

Last night, Flex defended his earlier rant with another one -- this one far lengthier and more emotional, as there are times when he tears up while speaking about how Tupac told a lie that, in his opinion, eventually led to Big's death. 

Flex's new video has been met with less anger and more humor. The first successful parody video is already in, courtesy of Mike Epps. The Detroit comedian starts by riffing off Flex's version of the Biggie-Tupac saga, but the HOT 97 DJ's beard eventually becomes the butt of the joke. T.I. has already endorsed the video with a retweet. And it turns out Flex himself is a fan of Epps' spot-on impersonation, as he reposted the #PunkFlexChallenge video on his Instagram.