After making their dapper-as-hell Met Gala 2017 debut, Offset, Quavo, & Takeoff continue to establish themselves as 2017's breakout act. The group clearly enjoyed rubbing shoulders with high society, posing for pictures in matching Versace tuxes and some obligatory bling. After the socializing and photo-ops concluded, the cocktail and dinner wrapped with a performance from Katy Perry. While Perry has been exhibiting some seriously questionable character traits, the performance appeared salvaged when Migos took the stage to perform "Bon Appetit," with the pop star.

While "Bon Appetit" is hardly Migos' finest hour, DJ Akademiks posted a video of the group performing their hit "Bad And Boujee." Migos appear to have traded in the Versace for something from the set of Matrix Reloaded, looking like part of Merovingian's entourage. The crowd seems to be more or less into it, but with these types of events, it's hard to tell which patrons even enjoy hip-hop music in the first place.

Migos' upswing in popularity and frequent collaborations with pop stars will inevitably open the door to a new wave of criticism. What do ya'll think about Migos' rising celebrity status?