Migos are paving the way for the "New Atlanta" alongside OGs and newcomers alike. The trio who found sudden fame with "Versace" have since proved they are not a one-trick pony, with a plethora of music that followed and mixtapes introducing the rest of their crew of Atlanta rappers on the come-up, including Rich The Kid, Johnny Cinco and Jose Guape, all of whom have been gaining steady buzz. Their most recent single, "New Atlanta", which sampled "Welcome To Atlanta," was bound to receive some criticism but nonetheless it had the approval of Jermaine Dupri.

We were able to catch up with Offset, Quavo and Takeoff out in New York City last week, and where we spoke to them about "New Atlanta" and Jermaine hopping on the record.

"I seen JD at the studio," Quavo told us, "I said shit, fuck it, I'ma just ask him about this song I got in my head, that we got in our head, that we constructed up through our boy Murda, told our boy Murda who made the beat to sample the beat [of "Welcome To Atlanta"], and I told JD I just want him on it...'cause it's only right to pay your respects. And he said yeah he'll do it, that's it."

In addition to "New Atlanta" Migos recently popped up quite a bit on Gucci Mane's Brick Factory Vol. 1 compilation. Migos say they have no contractual obligations with GuWop, they're just working with him a lot out of love. They also reveal the music Gucci is putting out by them as part of his World War 3D series is more than a year old. 

"We all came outta the little Brick Factory he dropped, the album. We was over there for about three months I'd say, just recording and recording and recording. It wasn't no contracts involved or no business involved, it was all outta love and all outta respect, 'cause he no where we came from. He just been rocking with us since then," Quavo said."

He continued, "Right now I guess he's dropping all the stuff we all had over there, we been had over there, from last year, before even "Versace." Just a whole bunch of music that's been made he can put out, but we gotta get all that straightened away."

Migos give us a quick update on their album, promising a release in November, and they also reveal they have some EDM collaborations coming up. We also had to ask about their feature on Justin Bieber's recent cut, "Looking For You," and the n-word controversy surrounding the young pop star.

"Justin Bieber, he was in Altanta and he was in the club just vibing to the music. And like I said, we the New Atlanta, so they ain't spinnin' nothing but Migos. He heard our music he said he was a fan of our music, and he wanted to get in," Takeoff said. 

Quavo addressed the controversy, saying the Biebz is a humble and cool guy. "I mean he said it when he was 15...and that was before our time, before we even linked up. So if he felt like that, we don't know about that. I know he don't do none of that when he around us, and he a pretty cool guy. He humble, and we humble."

Take five minutes and check out the full interview below.