Migos are one of the most popular acts on the planet. So when USC invited them, Travis Scott and Rae Sremmurd to their annual Springfest, student swarmed the venue and things got heated. The Los Angeles Fire Department had to intervene and cancel the show because of overcrowding, officials told the Daily Trojan, a local newspaper.

"People just started passing out in my friend’s arms and suffocating,” undergrad Grecia Vega said. “We were trying to get people’s attention --- no one was paying attention."

Apparently, Migos warned fans to stop shoving each other. They had taken the stage with LaFlame. No one was injured but one person was taken to the hospital. Department of Public Safety officers formed a skirmish line after the show as people left of their own volition. Rae Sremmurd didn't even make it to the stage.

"It was super scary," Vega said. "I thought people were going to stampede and that someone was going to die. A concert is not worth that."

Check out a video of the canceled show below.