Mick Jenkins just announced his bold intentions for his Beats 1 radio spot. The Apple owned radio station has a network of three offices situated in Los Angeles, New York and London, with a broadcast area scaling over 100 countries. The anticipation over or more... grew exponentially until it dropped in February, and the same can be said for his upcoming work. We'll await broader coverage when the time comes (tomorrow). 

As of this writing, we know the song's title "Bruce Banner," which says a lot about the direction he's taken with his work. Mick Jenkins of all rappers understands the significance of taking well earned breaks between records. He understands the importance of album art, and furthermore how singles soon become thread bearing examples of the albums they are associated with.

"I know y’all thought y’all was ready for the album. But I’m bouta get you ready. Tomorrow! tune into @beats1official To hear that new (fire) first." wrote Mick next to his post. Mick Jenkins has been gritting his teeth, and so should you. Jenkins is a working model of "well rounded efficiency," whereas the industry norm isn't quite as complex. Be on the lookout for Mick and his single "Bruce Banner" when it airs tomorrow.